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Download JEE Main 40 Days Crash Course by Arihant Publications Latest Edition (2020-21) Pdf

Arihant 40 Days Crash course Programme accelerates the JEE Main Preparation ensuring a complete coverage of JEE Main Syllabus in a less time. The Book is divided into 40 days modules which includes Quick Revision Theory, all important formulas, Conceptual points, Objective questions, 7 unit tests & 3 full length mock tests.
Arihant 40 Days JEE Main 2021 Crash Course eBook Pdf Download
Arihant JEE Main in 40 Days Crash Course – www.crackjee.xyz
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Highlights of Arihant 40 Crash Course for JEE Main:

  • Concepts are discussed clearly to keep the students be focussed on required stuff.
  • Exercises for each day give you the collection of best questions of the concept, giving you the perfect practice in less time.
  • There will be 2 Exercises for each day- i) Foundation Excercise having topically arranged questions. ii) Progressive Excercise having higher difficulty type questions.
  • All types of Objecive questions are included in Daily exercises – Single Option correct, Asertion and Reason type questions.
  • The books also contain Unit Tests and Full length Mock Tests

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Arihant Physics 40 Days JEE Main 2021 Crash Course eBook Pdf Download


Arihant Chemistry 40 Days JEE Main 2021 Crash Course eBook Pdf Download


Arihant Maths 40 Days JEE Main 2021 Crash Course eBook Pdf Download

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FAQs Related to Arihant JEE in 40 Days Crash Course Modules:

How this book will be helpful for JEE Aspirants ?

Arihant JEE Main in 40 days is type of supplementary course that is helpful to revise the whole syllabus during last minute preparation of the JEE Main Exam. Also the main purpose of this book is that you can learn all the basic concepts in a short span of time.

Whether Arihant 40 Days Crash Course Books are Sufficient for JEE Main Preparation ?

There will be 3 Category of Students. Choose your category and work accordingly.

  1. Toppers (All Prepared): These people have already utilized their available time till now and have studied everything and have a good practise. We don’t recommend this book to them. They can directly solve questions from Previous year papers.
  2. Average (Studied but forgotten): Most of you would find yourself getting fit in this category. You have studied the chapters when they were being taught in your coaching classes or school. But the issue you guys are facing now is the need for short notes for Quick Revision. This category of students can use Arihant 40 Days Crash Course book to revise the concepts and formulae and they can start practising previous years questions.
  3. Below Average (Not Studied Anything): Have not studied anything properly, still wants to score good Marks. So, this category of students are advised to pick some important chapters and watch revision lectures from youtube and then Go through Arihant 40 Days Crash Course Book several times till you understand it. And then Practise some basic questions.

Is Arihant 40 Days Crash Course Sufficient for scoring 150+ Marks in JEE Main 2021 ?

Yes, you can score more than 150 marks if you study really hard and give your 100% effort in the last 40 days of your preparation. 

Pro Tip: Revise the concepts and formulas thoroughly, solve previous year questions and try to attempt mock tests. you can defintely score more than 150+ Marks. And even you can cross 200 Marks.

Overview and Contents of Arihant 40 Days Crash Course:

The whole syllabus of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics has been divided into day wise learning modules covering all important concepts, formulae and sufficient practice with solved and unsolved questions on that day. After few days you get a unit test based on topics that are covered previous day. On last 3 days you get 3 full length mock tests making you ready to face the real exam.
Day Wise Modules of Physics 40 Days Crash Course
S.No Module
Day-01 Units and Measurement
Day-02 Kinematics
Day-03 Scalar and Vector
Day-04 Laws of Motion
Day-05 Circular Motion
Day-06 Work, Energy and Power
Day-07 System of Particles and Rigid Body
Day-08 Rotational Motion
Day-09 Gravitation
Day-10 Unit Test 1 (Mechanics)
Day-11 Oscillations
Day-12 Waves
Day-13 Unit Test 2 (Waves & Oscillations)
Day-14 Properties of Matter
Day-15 Heat and Thermodynamics
Day-16 Transfer of Heat
Day-17 Unit Test 3 (General Properties of Matter)
Day-18 Electrostatics
Day-19 Current Electricity
Day-20 Unit Test 4 (Electrostatics & Current Electricity)
Day-21 Magnetic Effect of Current
Day-22 Magnetism
Day-23 Electromagnetic Induction
Day-24 Alternating Cureent
Day-25 Electromagnetic Waves
Day-26 Unit Test 5 (Magnetostatics, EMI & AC, EM Wave)
Day-27 Ray Optics
Day-28 Opical Instruments
Day-29 Wave Optics
Day-30 Unit Test 6 (Optics)
Day-31 Dual Nature of Matter
Day-32 Atoms
Day-33 Nuclei
Day-34 Electronic Devices
Day-35 Gate Circuit
Day-36 Communication Systems
Day-37 Unit Test 7 (Modern Physics)
Day-38 Mock Test -1
Day-39 Mock Test -2
Day-40 Mock Test -3
Day Wise Modules of Chemistry 40 Days Crash Course
S.No Module
Day-01 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Day-02 States of Matter
Day-03 Atomic Structure
Day-04 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Day-05 Unit Test 1 (General Chemistry)
Day-06 Chemical Thermodynamics
Day-07 Thermochemistry
Day-08 Solutions
Day-09 Physical and Chemical Equilibrium
Day-10 Ionic Equilibrium
Day-11 Unit Test 2 (Physical Chemistry-I)
Day-12 Redox Reactions
Day-13 Electrochemistry
Day-14 Chemical Kinetics
Day-15 Adsorption and Catalysis
Day-16 Colloidal State
Day-17 Unit Test 3 (Physical Chemistry-II)
Day-18 Classification and Periodicity of Elements
Day-19 General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals
Day-20 Hydrogen
Day-21 s-Block Elements
Day-22 p-Block Elements (Group 13 to 18)
Day-23 The d-and f-Block Elements
Day-24 Coordination Compounds
Day-25 Unit Test 4 (Inorganic Chemistry)
Day-26 Environmental Chemistry
Day-27 General Organic Chemistry
Day-28 Hydrocarbons
Day-29 Organic Compounds Containing Halogens
Day-30 Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
Day-31 Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Day-32 Unit Test 5 (Organic Chemistry-I)
Day-33 Polymers
Day-34  Biomolecules
Day-35 Chemistry in Everyday Life
Day-36 Analytical Chemistry
Day-37 Unit Test 6 (Organic Chemistry-II)
Day-38 Mock Test 1
Day-39 Mock Test 2
Day-40 Mock Test 3
Day Wise Modules of Mathematics 40 Days Crash Course
S.No Day Module
Day-01 Sets, Relations and Functions
Day-02 Complex Numbers
Day-03 Sequences and Series
Day-04 Quadratic Equation and Inequalities
Day-05 Determinants
Day-06 Matrices
Day-07 Binomial Theorem and Mathematical Induction
Day-08 Permutations and Combinations
Day-09 Unit Test 1 (Algebra)
Day-10 Real Function
Day-11 Limits, Continuity and Differentiability
Day-12 Differentiation
Day-13 Application of Derivatives
Day-14 Maxima and Minima
Day-15 Indefinite Integrals
Day-16 Definite Integrals
Day-17 Area Bounded by the Curves
Day-18 Differential Equations
Day-19 Unit Test 2 (Calculus)
Day-20 Trigonometric Functions and Equations
Day-21 Heights and Distances
Day-22 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Day-23 Unit Test 3 (Trigonometry)
Day-24 Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates
Day-25 Straight Lines
Day-26 The Circle
Day-27 Parabola
Day-28 Ellipse
Day-29 Hyperbola
Day-30 Unit Test 4 (Coordinate Geometry)
Day-31 Vector Algebra
Day-32 Three Dimensional Geometry
Day-33 Unit Test 5 (Vector & 3D Geometry)
Day-34 Statistics
Day-35 Probability
Day-36 Mathematical Reasoning
Day-37 Unit Test 6 (Probability and Mathematical Reasoning)
Day-38 Mock Test 1
Day-39 Mock Test 2
Day-40 Mock Test 3

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