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Disha DPP for JEE & NEET (Pdf Links ) :

Disha DPP’s are one of the Most Popular Practise  sheets for JEE & NEET. Solving them not only enhances your solving skills but also boosts your Conceptual understanding in most of the Topics.

How to Solve DPP ?

  • Firstly, Divide syllabus as per the weightage in the exams, Prepare the most important ones and then go on practicing the easy ones. Now, get perfect in that, for that you can try to solve each and every type of questions that are available to you. Give your 100 Percent Effort to Solve DPPs on your own.
  • The best way to solve DPP is note down your solutions in separate Notebook and be regular with your DPP homework.
  • Try to solve DPPs in time limit given in first attempt after then, spend sufficient time to solve unsolved Questions. If you got struck anywhere in the middle of a question, then leave it and jump to the next question as you will run out of time and you might left the easier questions that you could have solved.
  • Mark those questions which are hard to crack or require more time. If you find any conceptual question that you think should be revised, you should mark it for revision 
  • Write the required hints on the sheet so that whenever you look at it, you may easily recall the idea involved.

JEE Main DPP by Disha Publications (Pdf) :


Mathematics DPP (For JEE Main) 

Physics DPP (For JEE Main) 

Chemistry DPP (For JEE Main) 

JEE Advanced DPP by Disha Publications (Pdf):


Mathematics DPP (For JEE Advanced) 

Physics DPP (For JEE Advanced) 

Chemistry DPP (For JEE Advanced) 

NEET DPP by Disha Publications (Pdf)


Chemistry DPP (For NEET) 

Biology DPP (For NEET) 

What is DPP ?

The book “Daily Practice Problem (DPP) are the Practise Sheets which are precise, apt and tuned to all the requirements of a JEE & NEET Aspirants. No matter where you prepare from – a coaching or NCERT books or any other textbook or Guide – Daily Practice Problem Sheets provides you the right assessment on each topic.

Is it Important to Solve DPP ?

Yes, DPP’s are very Crucial and also becomes effective at the time of Exam. In case you are short of time, the best way will be, to solve the dpp regularly and revising the theory related to the questions instead of wasting on unnecessary stuff from Reference books and Modules.

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